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Wooden High Structures

These big play structures offer great variety and plentiful possibilities!! Children can't get enough of the combination of speed and balance, making this range one of the most enjoyable experiences in a playground.

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  • Watch Tower

Watch Tower

A two-story-high climbing tower topped with a gable roof accessible via a vertical climbing ladder. The jumbo watch tower has an additional two-story-high platform....

  • Pirates Den
  • Pirates Den 2
  • Pirates Den 3
  • Pirates Den 4
  • Pirates Den 5
  • Pirates Den 6

Pirates Den

A two-story-high climbing tower with gableroof on top, a climbing net at the side anda high slide or a spiral slide, connected to alower section through an obliquely inclinedfixed footbridge. There is a vertical ladder toclimb the tower and a convenient staircaseto the lower platform. Below this platform aplayhouse was arranged that can be providedwith two supplementary benches and onetable. A supplementary second low slide(stainless steel or plastic) can be placed....

  • Robin Hoods Hideout
  • Robin Hoods Hideout 2
  • Robin Hoods Hideout 3
  • Robin Hoods Hideout 4
  • Robin Hoods Hideout 5
  • Robin Hoods Hideout 6

Robin Hoods Hideout

Playground equipment with one high watch tower with gable roof, consisting of two floors. The whole is connected to the lower platforms through a suspension bridge and an obliquely-placed ramp. Attached to the highest tower is a vertical climbing ladder; at the base a playhouse is arranged and at the side a vertical net climber is added. One of the smaller platforms has a vertical climbing ladder, the other one an easy staircase and a slide. The playhouse can eventually be provided with two supplementary sitting benches and one table. A supplementary second high stainless steel slide or spiral staircase can be placed. ...

  • Jumbo Watch Tower
  • Jumbo Watch Tower 2
  • Jumbo Watch Tower 3

Jumbo Watch Tower