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  • Truck and Trailer

Truck and Trailer

A steal truck with a crane in children's size! A challenge for any toddler who dreams of becoming a truck driver one day. The possibilities are endless: climbing, crawling, steering, hanging, lying, sliding - in short - playing!...

  • Safari Trailer

Safari Truck with Trailer

A car with trailer designed for the little ones. Can stand free on the ground without fixation. Ideal for schools or terrains with a paved playground. The safari trucker is connected with the trailer by a connection bridge....

  • Train

A train with or without wagons. Can be connected to each other with a connection bridge. The whole can stand free on the ground without fixation. which is ideal for schools with a paved playground....

  • TS7

TS7. This colourful and fun equipment will bring lots of play value to your play area. Contact us for prices and further information....

  • Viking Bost
  • Viking Boat Graphic

Viking Boat

Playground equipment in the shape of a Viking ship built in two parts....

  • Europlay Express
  • Europlay Express 2

Europlay Express

  • A Police Car

Police Car

The Police Car is accessible through several crawl holes on both sides

  • A Firemen's car

Firemans Car

This unit consists of the same basic structure as the police car. However has been personalised thanks to a switch of colours and designs.

  • A Tornado

Every child dreams of becoming a pilot one day. This jet fighter offers a high number of play possibilities and is a must have for any large playground.