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Maintenance Inspection Installation

Robinia Wood

All products of our company consist of Robinia wood (robinia pseudoacacia L. - listed in class 1).

Over a long period the the organic material will show signs of wear due to external influences. Through maintenance on a regular basis the play equipment will last longer.

Advice for maintenance
Maintenance should be carried out by experts. Knowledge about the regulations and the material wood are crucial to give a professional option. Within 14 days after the installation of the equipment, all linking elements have to be checked and if needed retightened. The extent of the maintenance as well as the time interval of the inspections and following measures depend on the exposure (play activities and other use) of the particular equipment. On periodic preventive maintenance (weekly or if required even more often) should be the following recorded:

  • condition of the ground
  • exposed foundations
  • layer thickness of the shock absorbing surface
  • sharp edges, condition of the lumbers (splinter), beetling screws, bolts or the like
  • missing parts
  • excessive wear (especially movable parts)
  • constructional stability, stability of the fall protection, stairs, platforms
  • loose or damaged bolts and screws
  • signs of vandalism, usage or weathering

Based on the routine inspection the following maintenance works should be done (inspections with 1 - 3 month intervals - if required more often):

  • removal of broken glass and other kinds of dirtying
  • maintenance of the shock absorbing surfaces: cleaning, changing or refilling
  • refill of loose fill material amounting to the correct falling height
  • maintenance of free space
  • retighten of loose attachment
  • lubricate moving parts
  • replacement of attachments
  • replacement of defect or worn out parts
  • repainting and post-treatments of surfaces

Stainless Steel

In order to responsibly ensure children’s safety, play equipment that is set up outdoors requires regular inspection and maintenance.

The high quality of the design and materials of Stilum play equipment mean that it has a long, useful life with short maintenance intervals. Nevertheless, the clear instructions of DIN EN 1176 are also binding for Stilum play equipment. Maintenance service can be provided upon request via Playground Supplies Limited.