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Stilum Stainless Steel

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Toddler Swing

Back and forth, back and forth: Swinging is one of the most effective activities to train children's balance and, in addition, the most popular equipment for all children. This swing combines a well-shaped design with maximum convenience and safety, making young children feel secure in this funny frog seat.

  • Gravis

The new play tower gravis 1 offers a variety of playing options, such as quickly climbing up the net and dashing down the fireman's pole. Courageous climbers dare to climb over the multi-coloured balls where a good feeling for balance is required.

  • Labi

Who has the strength to spin themselves high in the air on a roundabout? Athletics really come into play here, because balance and musculature are trained simultaneously - while having lots of fun. A robinia version is also available.

  • Simius 1

The classic swing in a new interpretation by Stilum that makes for an absolute eye catcher in any playground. The curved stainless steel pipe of the simius grows quite naturally out of the ground.

  • Simius 2

Whether with two swing seats or combined with the new stilum seat for people with special requirements the simius 2 unites having fun, communication and unique design.

  • Volucris3

Volucris 3

The much loved volcris nest swing combines elegant design with a high fun factor for many children. Whether taking it easy or having a wild swinging party children of all ages feel good in the swing. A real must for all playgrounds

  • Cross trainer

Cross trainer

A crosstrainer is the ideal piece of equipment to tightend legs and buttocks. With the new crosstrainer by stilum in your own garden, you can exercise and shape your body comfortably and independently from the opening hours of a gym.

  • Power Bench

Power Bench

Bench pressing will train all muscles that stretch your arms. Apart from arm stretchers and pectorals other muscles in the shoulders benefit as well. The choice of individual load has been cleverly solved: Moving the four globular weights on each side allows to adjust the exercise to ones individual strength.

  • Seesaw Tigna

Simple yet impressive: the seesaw tigna convices with a simple elegance. Four children learn to play weights and to assess the balance. The seesaw bar is made of solid Robinia wood, the bearing elements are made of high-quality stainless steel.

  • Ascendo 1b

Ascendo 1b

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  • Volucris Robinia

Volucris Robinia

A net-swing can not be missing on any playground! Solid posts made of robinia carry the stable, rope-formed basket in which even small children can make first swinging experiences. The design complements the new stilum series of Robinia and stainless steel perfectly.

  • Klara 1
  • Klara

Round like a ball and brightly coloured: Come and meet our roundabout Klara. Apart from haptic experiences thanks to different matarials, young explorers are given the opportunity to train their balance on this revolving item while playing. Exploring the big wide world of play will boost childrens motor skills and confidence.

  • Benny
  • Benny

Up and down - the jolly elephant, apart from looking funny, encourages children to climb and slide. Young toddlers play and, at the same time, learn to climb up to safe heights before cheerfully coasting down. Apart from optical stimuli provided by the primary colours pf some elements, toddlers are also offered haptic incentives by the range of different materials used.

  • Erika
  • Erika 1

This three-piece element invites children to climb, slide, hide and explore. Movable balls in the front area show primary colours red, green, blue and yellow. Different materials, such as the slip-resistant, soft back of the caterpillar cool stainless steel surfaces or smooth balls help children train their tactile senses while grasping and experiencing.

  • Stilum Play Logo
  • Floris1

Our graceful springrider “floris1” with its stilum-flower brings plenty of fun and bounce into play. The seat is made of high-quality caoutchouc, while the connecting elements are of durable stainless steel.

  • Papilio1
  • Stilum Play Logo

Papilio 1

The wilder you seesaw, the more the butterflies flutter in your stomach. The feelers of this colorful butterfly springrider, together with the flower-seat, provide a feeling of comfort at any temperature, because the contact areas are made of high-quality caoutchouc. The connecting elements are of durable stainless steel. This butterfly feels at home not only on the playground, but also in pedestrian zones.

  • Papilio3
  • Stilum Play Logo

Papilio 3

Sometimes one is lucky enough to see more than just one butterfly in the meadow. And sometimes one can even play with three butterflies and plenty of friends. Three flower-seats made of high-quality caoutchouc resemble butterflies thanks to the stainless steel feelers that serve as handles, inviting children to play, sway or relax in the large space in the middle of this springrider.

  • Altus2
  • Stilum Play Logo

Seesawing for two is even more fun! With a circle in the middle, the „altus2“ is flawlessly designed, encouraging children to play and exercise. The seat is made of high-quality rubber granulate and the colorful balls on the handlebars are of natural rubber. The only other springrider-material used is durable stainless steel.

  • Stilum Play Logo
  • Flecto

Like a magnet, the large „flecto“ roundabout attracts children and young people alike. The play and movement experiences gained in spinning are fascinating as well as the large dimensions of the merry-go-round.

  • Patis 1
  • Stilum Play Logo

No playground should be without a swing. Because kids love them so much and use them so often, these especially long-lasting stilum swings are made of high-quality stainless steel with a comfortable sitting surface of caoutchouc. The „patis1“ with its slender poles and beams makes a graceful impression in a green environment as well as in urban spaces.

  • Patis 2
  • Stilum Play Logo

One swing is never enough, therefore „patis2“ offers twice the fun. With a stable and long-lasting stainless-steel construction and yet graceful design, it is perfect for all playgrounds and magically attracts children of every age. The seats are made of caoutchouc and come in various colors. A favorite combination is to equip one of the swings with a baby seat.

  • Patis 3
  • Stilum Play Logo

“patis3” – three times swinging fun. With its lightweight and slender construction, this triple swing meets all the demands of high-quality playground design. Made of stainless steel and seats made of caoutchouc available in different colours, it is an eye-catcher. Optionally, a baby seat or a seat for disabled children can be installed.

  • Volucris
  • Stilum Play Logo

Volucris 1

The „volucris“ nest-swing guarantees lots of fun and butterflies in the stomach. Two elegant archs of stainless steel bear the stable basket made of rope, where little birds can learn to fly. The design goes extremely well with the „orbis“ circular swing.

  • Seta
  • Stilum Play Logo

Swings in a hexagon guarantee communication and fun with close encounters in the middle. Children can organize swinging contests or try to synchronise their swinging, making this swing very popular with older children, too. The seats are made of caoutchouc and come in various colours. Jump protection prevents accidents.

  • Sinio
  • Stilum Play Logo

Ultra modern and stylish seesaw....

  • Pendeo
  • Stilum Play Logo

Sport - and aptitude equipment. Horizontal bar modern and stylish. Benefits:...

  • Librium
  • Stilum Play Logo

Sport - and aptitude equipment Moving balance beam...

  • Ludo
  • Stilum Play Logo

Sport - and aptitude equipment Table tennis...

  • Porta
  • Stilum Play Logo

Sport and aptitude equipment Multigoal...

  • Pila
  • Stilum Play Logo

Sport - and aptitude equipment. Shooting target....

  • Altus1
  • Stilum Play Logo

This ultra trendy springrider is ideal for any modern play area....

  • Curvus
  • Stilum Play Logo

Modern and stylish the Curvus is a great addition to any trendy play area.... Benefits:

  • Circulus 4
  • Stilum Play Logo

Circulus 4

You can spin me right round round round round !!...

  • Ambio
  • Stilum Play Logo

Hours of fun are waiting for the children with this mini roundabout....