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  • G510 Paradisio
  • G560 Mammoth
  • RO695 Agility Trail
  • S285 Nautical climber
  • S961 Toddler double swing

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New Product Range Launched for 2014- 2015

Eco-play... The nature as inspiration!!!!

Why Eco-play?

Eco-play is a range of robinia playground equipment characterised by it's environmentally friendly and playful character which also connects with the surrounding nature. This is made possible because of the use of untreated, durable wood it their natural shape.

Does this playground equipment add extra play value?

Children like to extend their boundaries. Crossing a curved beam is much more challenging than crossing a straight beam.

Using beams with a natural curve creates several new playing possibilities. Because of the combination of nets and ropes Eco-play equipment becomes a real jungle.

Playground Supplies Ltd was established in 1995 and we continue to provide and develop our ranges of play equipment to this day. We provide a complete comprehensive service from design through to completion, and are able to provide a full maintenance and inspection service for your playground. Playground Supplies are currently supplying and installing play equipment throughout the UK to local authorities, schools and the private sector

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Here at Playground Supplies, we believe that the children’s playground is an essential part of the community. We’ve been supplying playground equipment, outdoor play equipment and more to schools, nurseries, local governments since 1995 and pride ourselves on our skill and experience in the field. As one of the country’s ISO 9001 quality approved playground equipment suppliers, we strive to offer the widest and most affordable range of school playground equipment and natural play equipment that will perfectly complement your existing children’s environment!

Outdoor Play Equipment

Created with little one’s needs in mind, our huge collection of outdoor play equipment ranges from tree houses, sandboxes and swings of all specifications and sizes all the way to slides and rope towers. If you’re looking for inspirational playground apparatus for a distinct age range, we can recommend outdoor play equipment that will suit 5 – 11 year olds or those in the slightly older age bracket of 11 – 18.

School Playground Equipment

At Playground Supplies, we understand that schools need to set up a completely bespoke playground area that provides their pupils with a place to socialise and unwind during break times. Our school playground equipment addresses these needs and more, providing kids with the opportunity to have fun and let off some steam yet at the same time develop their body control, balance and nimbleness. Our school playground equipment and outdoor equipment is a welcome addition to any play space and will inspire and amuse kids of all backgrounds and capabilities!

Natural Play Equipment

Our ever-popular natural play equipment is made from organic materials such as Robinia wood. This type of wood doesn’t require any particular treatment, as it is currently listed as the most resistant and resilient wood in Europe. Our natural play equipment is practical and sustainable but also adds a sense of countryside charm to your play setting, ensuring that it’s the material of choice for clients looking for rustic, sturdy and well-designed outdoor play equipment.

Playground Equipment Suppliers

As one of the most efficient playground equipment suppliers in the country, Playground Supplies excels at offering completely customised playground equipment and designs.We sell school playground equipment and natural play equipment but are also able to install new settings, inspect existing playgrounds and provide routine maintenance advice in order to ensure that your playground equipment complies to all child health and safety regulations and is kept in tip-top condition.

So if you need a little help choosing your natural play equipment or simply want to chat to one of the friendly team members from our playground equipment supplier, don’t hesitate to give Playground Supplies a call or get in touch via our enquiry form.

Building Safety, Building Hopes, Building your dream playground.